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The Tunes.....    download the individual tunes and form your own Playlist. Use of iTunes is recpmmended. Use Burn.txt for guidance. Like the Guitar Player at the Barn Dance once said, "'re on your own."

The Tunes

Track Number Song Title Timing
01 Mr. Magic 6:01
02 Orange Colored Sky 3:30
03 Someday, My Prince Will Come 5:04
04 That's The Way Of The World 5:09
05 Gentle Rain 3:39
06 Cantaloupe Island 6:51
07 The Midnight Sun 8:55
08 Killer Joe 5:37
09 (I Wanna) Make It With You 4:58
10 This Masquerade 7:05
11 Sleepwalk 4:05

Bonus Tracks...


12 Our Day Will Come 2:33
13 The Christmas Somg 7:18
14 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 5:39




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