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A place to learn about the latest, and not so latest, activities of a Jazz group 50+ years in the making. 



It's Here...

     A new album covering the VGC work during 2018 and 2019. 


     We consider it an ambitious survey of some jazz classics along with some of the "cool jazz" classics of the 70's and 80's.

     One the Classic Jazz side, the VGC took ambitious runs at A Night In Tunisia (Gillespe) and 'Round Midnight (Monk) - both prerequisits for those who wish to call themselves "Citizens of Jazz". The key of Db can attest to that.

      The tunes of our contemporary experience included Little Sunflower (Freddy Hubbard), Where Is The Love? (Flack/Hathaway), and We're In This Love, Together (Jarrreau). We did a cover of a tune called, Lullaby by the Gene Harris Quartet; giving it our own nuance.

     From the "Pop" side we covered Beauty And The Beast (from the Disney movie), Betcha', By Golly, Wow (Stylistics), Moondance (Van Morrison) and I Can't Go For That (Hall and Oats).

     Guest performers on this trip are, our once and future vocalist, Bob DeGennaro and our recorder/percussion artist, Sarah Grace Wall.

     Bonus tracks are available on the download page.

 Sneak previews department has one of them....




Download Page





Sneak Preview Dept.

        There are no unpublished recordings available at this time. We eagerly await tje opportunity to record again.

      As they sat, Watch This Space....



         Session News.....

Week of September 18, 2022

          Plans for the event include the usual compliment of martinis, cigars, tacos and ribs. Along with that, the production list currently includes some interesting pursuits. Jazz staples, Morning and Easy Living cover the bases for the "classical" jazz offerings. Henry Mancini's Soft Sounds (background tune from the Peter Gunn TV show) gets a shot as well. Clubdate/Cocktail Hour staple, Little Boat also made the list. (You'll know it when you hear it.). Jazz staple, Bernie's Tune makes the list as a late entry. Sade's Smooth Operator is the more contemporary jazz offering.

     The more contemporary offerings for the session will be Feel So Good (Mangione) and renditions of Call Me.

     Holiday tune for this trip will be O,Tannenbaum (inspired by the Peanuts Christmas TV special).


 Night Out Dept. 

That's the Vinny Gennaro Combo at Lula Drake's Wine Parlour in Columbia South Carolina after their session on the evening of July 24, 2018. Left to Right: Art, Vinny Ed, Bob, and Nap


Cutting Room Floor Dept.

       Fragments and Open-Mike comments picked up before, after and during some of the different tunes.

                      From the 2018 Session...

Vinny "A Gem !!!"             Vinny, Sara Grace and Ed               Vinny: On Endings              Tune Setup - Robert



Sarah Grace Plays !!!

     Along with her accompanying percussion work on Little Sunflower, Sarah Grace recorded her rendition of One Note Samba (arranged by Uncle Ed). On this cut, Sarah Grace played the Recorder. Not to get too technical....but the rendition was a study in articulation and dynamics.


Listen here for.....     One Note Samba





Liner Notes to a Never-Published Blooper CD

Proposed Album Covers (click on thumbnails)


dump.jpg (22746 bytes)     Green.jpg (35133 bytes)   beatnik.jpg (10956 bytes)          hoot.jpg (23098 bytes)   



In Loving Memory


Anthony J. Failla

1931 - 2018

Beloved friend and mentor to the Vinny Gennaro Combo from its inception when he "took them off the street" and got them their early paying jobs. He was there for the adult iteration of the VGC and as inspiring as ever.

        We thank him for his example to love all things of creation, spiritual and human, and for his encouragement in our pursuit of greater achievement - pretty much  what he did for everyone he encountered.

"If God Wills It"  - SIVODY !!!

Tune :You'd Better Love Me - recorded in the year 2000


Reflections of the VGC:        Vinny's thoughts         Arthur's thoughts          Tony Nap's thoughts










A Bit of History....

The Original Business Card  

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Robert Sings !!!  

 During the 2018 session,  Robert DeGennaro showed up to grace us with still another of his vocal renditions. The vocal for then was Pennies From Heaven.


 Listen here for.....

Pennies From Heaven

...and from 2014    Only You                                            ...and from 2016    Our Day Will Come.mp3 



"All Shook Up" Session, 2013


The Vinny Gennaro Combo on...

VGC rendition of Straight, No Chaser

     First video of a run-thru of Thelonius Monk's Straight, No Chaser





From The Archives...
....a tribute performance by our Uncle and Mentor, Nick Milea.

     Still another one of those "experiments, this one comes from VGCs' If You Could See Me Now  CD. It uses a sample from one of Nick Milea's recordings, Autumn In New York It's an ingenious  and inspired rendition accompanied by a loving and humble VGC attempt to play along. In your minds eye, try to pick out the sounds one would associate with the gusting Autumn wind.

Autumn In New York 





...for the Holidays



Six Tunes from the VGC...

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New for 2019:       You're A Mean One, Mister Grinch               My Favorite Things 



Christmas Time Is Here            Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

The Christmas Song  

     Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  



"........What Is Jazz ? " - Nick Milea

                            possible answers:   https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Jazz/Quotes


...now available...

The Vinny Gennaro Combo Discography - complete thru Aug. 2020.

 VGC Discography.pdf



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Vinny Plays the Guitar (no audio)

Napoli Plays the Guitar - Topless (no audio)

Early VGC with Vinny Caminiti (no audio)


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